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Created Just for You

We believe success in business is about great leaders, great people. People who build your culture and add value to your business. At Learning Moore we develop bespoke coaching and learning solutions for you and your business.

Do you want to learn more about how to be a great manager and leader? How to build an effective team and how to offer the best service to your customers and clients? 
We can help, it’s what we do best.


Workshops designed to deliver tangible outcomes

Our tailored approach to learning and development ensures that our training, coaching and consulting is the right fit for you, your team and your business. A strong and efficient workplace is no longer solely reliant on technical skills. We get it and we are here to work with you.



Leadership is a key factor in the underpinning of quality workplace relationships. We’re firm in the belief that leaders who behave as a coach foster an environment conducive for optimal practices, and thriving teams.

Our management and leadership workshops teach a variety of approaches to suit the differing needs of each member of the team, including understanding roles and responsibilities.


Let’s work together to get the job done

Quality working relationships are critical to the effectiveness of teams. Learning to manage conflict and resistance can vastly improve team productivity and culture.

Our team workshops and coaching will help in developing valuable consultation, identifying team champions, (or champion teams), resolving conflict and recognising stages of development.



One of the key drivers of a successful business is passion. Some workers quite unashamedly say that they love working in their workplace. Sounds great, doesn’t it.

Our Managing Individual Performance coaching and learning will assist in setting obtainable goals, managing poor performance, recruiting the right people, effective communication and motivation.


Creating quality defining experiences

Delivering consistently high standards of customer experience is fundamental in any business. In some cases the quality of that customer or client interaction is the thing that sets us from our competitors.

Our Customer and Client learning and coaching focusses on all activities including strategy, service, processes, systems, and people.


What our clients say

How we are adding moore to Australian Businesses


Mechelle has the ability to engage a room around the topic at hand and take them from a simple learning outcome to one of real cultural change. We as an organisation are grateful for her efforts in delivering what we see as industry-leading development training which couldn’t have been achieved without her enthusiasm and commitment.

Jonathan McConachie  Manager of Organisational Development at Linfox Armaguard Pty Ltd

Jonathan McConachie
Manager of Organisational Development at Linfox Armaguard Pty Ltd

Mechelle provided us with excellent service which she tailored to the needs of our business and succeeded in creating our training day which was specific and relevant to the particular needs of our business. She facilitated in a way which allowed attendees to interact while learning skills and knowledge which can be applied to their individual roles.

The feedback that I have received from our Property Investment Managers have been full of praise. Comments such as “Awesome”, “Well organised” and “Easy to understand”.

Mechelle was brilliant at strategising our training event for even most of complicated scenarios. This was evident the moment we started working together. I highly recommend Mechelle you won’t be disappointed.

Allison Minter  Principal, LJ Hooker Euchaca

Allison Minter
Principal, LJ Hooker Euchaca