Facilitator training

Our facilitator training course teaches students to understand their role as an educator; how to encourage, mentor and coach their pupils towards required outcomes or objectives.


Training and facilitating is about helping people to function effectively, to become their best. The simple fact is that facilitation is not about you. It's about the group. Your purpose as facilitator is to guide people to an agreed destination or outcome. You may point them in the right direction, make suggestions and take steps to enhance the experience for everyone. 

great facilitators are the guide at the side, not the sage on the stage!

Your role is to:

  • Ask questions

  • Elicit participation

  • Aid in the generation new ideas

  • Challenge the group

  • And of course have some fun, make it engaging.

The topics we can cover are:

  • What is facilitation, the role of the facilitator, the process and about your participants?

  • About adult learning

  • Defining your objectives, what are your required outcomes?

  • Planning your session content

  • Tools and techniques to engage everyone

  • What about those disruptive participants?

  • Evaluating how it all went